What's in it?

The best and freshest ingredients! Tried and tested (lots of lovely testing!) various recipes mean that we want the best tasting cakes for you. This means that we don’t automatically use organic ingredients although we do combine high quality products with some organic ingredients as standard because it depends on a number of factors. They all taste pretty scrummy though and because we love to eat it, we want it to be fabulous. If you are looking for a completely organic option, holler and we’ll have a chat.

We can also get rid of those pesky allergies in some of our recipes too. Gluten-free, egg free, lactose free, nut free, citrus free... the list continues. To keep in with the law folks and to abide by the Food Allergen Information Law updated in December 2014, we also provide you or your venue with a nifty little card which indicates the presence of any one of the 14 allergens in your goodies. Don't worry we wont let anything get in there that shouldn't. It's worth a little email to discuss your allergen requirements though to see how we can help with that. Try Bakesy on: emma@cakesyandbakesy.co.uk

So let's get looking at the flavours. The list isn't exhausted, merely a snapshot of possibilities so if there is something on there that you don't see, just ask. Here we go: Tasting Good

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