The one who make it looks good... and the one who makes it taste good...



It’s only a dinky team but we love it!


What else do you want to know? Erm… Who are you? Ok….


 Well, I’m Andi. I love graphic design, art, ceramics and I’ve worked for many years making dollshouse and miniatures for the collectors market, winning awards and scholarships as I went (Big head!).


I really love cake though, especially Emma’s chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream! If I’m not eating it then I’m decorating it and if I’m not decorating it, I’m delivering it. My job is so cool! I’m not far off completing my City and Guilds in all things cake too which is pretty cool!


I also LOVE: Rainbows, puppies, New York, tea, quirky stuff, sunsets (and the only sunrise I’ve ever been awake for, in a hot air balloon), travelling, oast houses, magical Karen Swan books, bum-wiggling to the radio, hand designed jewellery, squidgy clay on a potter’s wheel, fluffy slippers, yummy food and all the Michael’s: Buble, Jackson and Duckett (my Hubby –to be!)



 And I’m Emma. I get to bake the cakes, play about with the recipes and lick the spoons (seriously, I’m not allowed to do that but I would if I could!). A lot like the training in my martial arts background, I don’t give up!


Months to perfect the perfect macaron, drinking crates of champagne to get ‘Champagne Vienna Cream’ filling (I have a hard job!) and upping and downing the recipe for the lemon syrup to get the ultimate lemon drizzle cake.


When I’m not hiccupping and licking the spoons (seriously, who keeps writing this?) I LOVE: Bruce Willis (I should be married to him!) Cake - obviously!, my daughter Hannah (Junior Bakesy), my best mate Cakesy (notice how she didn’t put me in her LOVES!), Friends, music whilst making cake, shoes, dancing,sunshine, shopping, reading a good book, Oreo milkshakes from TGI Fridays, wine!, the smell of freshly cut grass, exercise, Christmas sandwiches and Dave (my other ‘arf!)


Cake Dog:

 Our guru! She helps the cake go smoothly! This was Cakesy’s dog – don’t worry, we are pet free and smoke free at Cakesy and Bakesy. It’s just a picture that helps the day go well! If she can get in that much trouble with mud, imagine what we can do with cake!

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