Frequently Asked Questions

Strangely, these also make up our terms and conditions. Mostly because you’ll be reading forever otherwise!

  1. Will you match colours from a swatch of fabric or a drawing to make my theme exactly the same?

  • We will get it as close as sugar and edible paint will allow us to. We still have to comply with those pesky health and safety and food hygiene laws so we will take it to the max to make sure we get as close a match as we can. Oh, we also plan to buy a ribbon factory one day too so that we are not tied into their colours. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to get as close as possible. Promise.

  1. Can you eat everything on the cake?

  • The majority of the decorations can be eaten. The cake itself is definitely edible. Sometimes though, our clients ask for, to name but a few, flashing lights, fireworks, dry-ice, wired flowers, things jumping out of the cake, things jumping in the cake and polystyrene centred tiers. Needless to say don’t eat these. We love it when you ask for wacky quirky cool stuff so don’t worry, we’ll always tell you what needs to be removed before you tuck in.

  1. Money money money. Do you need a deposit?

  • We only take a fair deposit but it is non-refundable. We wish the days of verbal contracts weren’t long gone but sadly we’ve had to move with the times. A 25% deposit is payable at the time of ordering to secure the date of delivery.

  1. More money money money. When is the remainder payable?

  • For wedding cakes, the balance is payable 1 month before the delivery date.

  • For all other cakes we are happy for you to pay us on the day. We accept cash, business cheque, personal cheque or bank transfer.

  1. What happens if I need to cancel my order?

  • Because we are a bit of alright, should you cancel the order more than 1 month in advance of the delivery date, we will transfer 50% of your deposit paid to a future order.

  • Once the final balance has been paid, 1 month prior to delivery, the full amount is non refundable should you need to cancel the order. Sadly, we’ve done a lot of the work by now and ordered all the goodies that go inside your cake. Our suppliers are loathed to accept back food goods, for some reason they think we’ve already had a nibble.

  1. When can I eat it?

  • When ownership of the cake is transferred to the client (on payment and delivery) it becomes the owners responsibility to ensure it remains in good order; stored correctly and in the appropriate packaging, refrigerated if needed and all non-edible products removed before serving. Basically, as long as you do all of this stuff, it will be yours to eat. Ready, set, go….!

  1. Can I freeze it?

  • For the love of cake, no! Some people do freeze cake although we think it tastes funny afterwards and the fondant goes all gooey (and not in a good way). So please don’t; It makes us sad.

  1. How much does it cost?

  • If you can tell us how many guests you want to serve cake to, what flavours you are considering and how much you want to pay an artist to do the design work on your cake, we can give you a pretty good idea of price so you can count up how many pennies you have. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost the earth but it would be unfair for us to charge you £900 for an extremely elaborate 5, 6 or 7 tier cake with 90 hours of artwork on it if you only wanted a cupcake.

  • This may help though: a 3 tier sponge wedding cake, stacked, boarded with ribbon and delivered free of charge in Kent is £250. Anything extra or different and we can give you a quote within a cats whisker.

  1. How many does it serve?

  • Well, we are cake-piggies so we eat about seven peoples’ portions. If you are looking at ‘wedding slices’ though, this may help: Some other companies reckon you can get double out of these estimates but we think they are plain crackers. Let them eat cake we say!


  1. Does the heaviest tier (fruit for example)have to be at the bottom?

  • Simply, yes. Sorry! Cake and gravity are best buds and they gang up on us cake designers and lovely weddingy type couples. We don’t want you to walk in dressed in your best bib and tucker and find your cake looking like a dogs dinner! We do have a cunning plan if you don’t like much fruit cake though so don’t worry. Anything is possible!

  1. Do we have to have a topper?

  • No. You can have whatever you want! We’d obviously prefer it if you didn’t add a plastic fantastic to your hand designed masterpiece. As we don’t use moulds for any of our decorations, we’d happily handcraft your topper for you from sugar or clay. But, you’re the boss and what you say goes so we’ll be lead by you.



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